Palm Arts Update: COVID – 19

Dear Palm Arts Community,

 These are challenging times. All who labor in and love the performing arts are saddened that we have been forced to suspend our gatherings for the sake of our community’s health. 

All of us at the Palm know that this too shall pass. We will gather again, whether to share the joy of the dance or of compelling theater or of the opera or jazz or other great performances. And when we can come together again, the Palm programs will be one draw that gathers us. These are challenging times for the Palm, and for other performing arts groups and spaces in Telluride. Our financial structures are undermined when we cannot perform and present. And yet we must support the people who make performing arts possible in and around Telluride. We are enriched by a talented cadre of actors and singers and dancers and staging wizards and unique venues. With good stewardship, we, and they, will be here when the threat diminishes and fear settles.

While we must physically separate, we must not disconnect. We can still nourish one another, and ourselves, by coming together in other ways. Words like Zoom and Skype and FaceTime have gained new prominence in our lives, and so they should, as they can help keep us united even while separated. So can the performing arts, which even now are so richly available to us. 

We at the Palm have kept an eye on the wealth of performing arts offerings still available to us, as we all shelter in place. There are many resources out there to broaden the mind and nurture the spirit in these trying times.  More information and links to some of our offerings can be found on our website –

Thank you all for supporting the Palm and the Bob and our dance and music and theater programs over the years, and for supporting our friends at other venues and performing arts organizations in and around Telluride. We look forward to seeing you soon, when we are again able to raise the curtain. 

Stay well and safe.

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