Harwood and Woodward Magic Show December 29th 7:30pm

Harwood and Woodward Magic Show December 29th 7:30pm

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Friday, December 29th at 7:30pm
This is a reserved seating show.
Tickets will be available online: $15 students, $25 adults
Ticket purchased at the door: $35 adults

Mitch Harwood fell in love with magic at a young age and
performed his first professional, paid magic show at the age
of 12. By the time he was 14, he was his community’s most
popular magician. In college, he continued to perform
magic in street shows, at nightclubs, and restaurants. After
college, he took his show on the road under the stage name
Mysto the Magi, traveling with Art Fairs and Renaissance
Festivals to perform his special brand of magic which has
entertained and delighted people all across the country.
Harwood has now performed over 10,000 SHOWS
ranging from personal, strolling magic, to family friendly
shows, to corporate meetings, to huge charity benefits and
conferences, in every type of venue from bars to huge
theaters and everything in between. He is a two-time
award-winning magician in both sleight of hand and stage
magic, an honor not possessed by many.
Hardwood’s combination of elegant and fun visual magic,
improvisational comedy, and audience interaction has
clients coming back to him time and time again. A
consummate professional, his distinct way of connecting
with his audiences has, and will continue to, leave family
and corporate audiences alike amazed, inspired, and filled
with wonder long after the show.

Harwood & Woodward is Colorado’s only touring illusion
magic show. Set in a 1940’s retro theme, this show features
5 big stage illusions, song, dance, comedy, and lots of magic
that will have your families, coworkers, and clients gasping
in amazement. See a woman cut into thirds, floated on a
broom, and the Fastest Trick in the West!
This show is not be missed – Full of excitement and FUN!
Joining Mitch Hardwood’s experience and showmanship is
the illustrious Chelsea Woodward, a talented performer
with an amazing stage presence and beguiling look that can
command attention in any setting.
Ms. Woodward was brought up in musical theatre so the
stage is in her blood. She’s devoted her life to healing others
as a professional nurse, and now she’s discovered the
healing power of magic as well. Chelsea is a free spirit and
an independent woman, she finds enchantment everywhere
in her life. Woodward exudes a rare charisma leaving
legions of charmed admirers in her wake. She has an innate
sense of stagecraft, artistry, and business acumen. We’ll be
seeing a great deal of Chelsea -she’s got the magic bugand
will never recover!

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